20-26 August

Protejat: Nails: Basic Course

Anatomy and diseases of the natural nail from A to Z
You will know the structure of natural and technical nails
Proper sterilization and disinfection of manicure instruments
Cuticle cleaning in 2 ways: classic cleaning (with scissors and curette), dry & combi manicure (with bits from the electric milling cutter and manicure tools)
Semi-permanent manicure, placement of semi-permanent nail polish perfectly under the cuticle and how to apply semi-permanent nail polish for increased resistance (3-4 weeks)
Carrying out the maintenance of technical nails
Simplistic designs
You will know how to reduce your working time and how to work efficiently and well
You will learn and work with an experienced, involved and devoted trainer
Dry pedicure

Course Price: € 120

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